Emballage flexible, enduction


Rototec Packaging offers different coatings for your applications.

Looking for peelability for your banners, heat sealables lids for your yogurt hot melt coating for soup wrappers, anti bacteria coating for soup stifferner paper technical experts will guide you to the coating you need.

Our Our machines selected from the most renowned manufacturers, make it possible to ensure a very homogenous distribution of wax, essential for high speed operation.

Characteristic features

  • Coating of multiply substrates: films, paper, aluminium
  • Several types of coatings according to your application
  • Standard or peelable hot melt coating for your streamers
  • Heat-sealing coating for your heat-sealable ceais
  • Anti-bacterial coating for soap stiffener
  • Paraffin coating for your confectionary, bubblegum wrappers