Rototec packaging, emballage flexible sac

Doypack & bags

Doypack or Stand-Up Pouch, is a flexible pouch based on laminated films , perfectly stable on the shelfs thanks to the shape and the specificity of its base.

With a large printable surface, it offers an excellent alternative to rigid containers for an easy and attractive disposal of your products at lower cost, while guaranteeing good conservation.

Delivered in reels or preformed with or without zip, it is an ideal container for all your liquid, solid, powders or granulated products.
We propose also 2 or 3 side sealing pouches. Pouches can be equipped with ZIP.

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  • sacs-legumes.jpg

Characteristic features

  • Specific laminated films for Doypack provided in reel or format for an optimal stability
  • High barrier proprieties : Oxygen, Humidity, aromas, light…
  • Excellent sealing & resistance
  • Rotogravure or flexography printing up 10/8 colors
  • 2 or 3 side pouches provided with or without zip


Multi-applications to highlight your liquid, solid, powder or granule products