Rototec packaging, emballage flexible sleeve


Thermo-retractable sleeve used as a labelling solution to decorate any type of container offering an optimal display surface at 360 °.

Our PET or PVC sleeves, available in several shrinking rates, perfectly fit the shape of your bottles, cans and boxes, highlighting their curves and lines. They are suitable for any type of tunnel: steam, hot air and infrared. Longitudinal perforation option is possible for easy opening functionality.

Printed in High quality, thanks to anamophosis technique, with possibility of shiny effects our sleeves allow you to optimize your product attractivity on the shelves.

Full body or security sleeves are available and delivered in reels.

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  • sleeve-dairy.jpg
  • sleeve-jus.jpg
  • sleeve-boissons-2.jpg
  • sleeve-chocolat.jpg
  • sleeve-de-securite_eau.jpg

Characteristic features

  • PET or PVC sleeves available in different shrinkage and suitable for all contents types and shapes.
  • High resistance to moisture, scratches and friction
  • Possibility of longitudinal perforation
  • Rotogravure or flexography printing up 10/8 colors with UV protection
  • Mastery of anamorphosis technique
  • Possibility of shiny effects
  • Delivered in reels


Multi-applications to labeling and decorating all your bottles, cans, pots…